At Home in Provence by Patricia Wells

At Home in Provence by Patrica Wells
At Home in Provence by Patrica Wells

For the past fifteen years, Patricia Wells has been carrying on a love affair with a region of France, a centuries-old farmhouse, and a cuisine. Provence is uniquely blessed with natural beauty as well as some of the world's most appealing foods and liveliest wines. Wells's culinary skills have transformed the signature ingredients of this quintessential Fre nch countryside into recipes so satisfying and so exciting that they will instantly become part of your daily repertoire. Here are over 175 recipes from Wells's farmhouse kitchen, including whole chapters on salads, vegetables, pasta, and bread.

"There is hardly a recipe in this cookbook that does not insist on being tried and served to family and friends."

-Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

"...promises to produce yet another generation of home-schooled experts in pistous and daubes."

-Gilian Duffy, New York Magazine

"The photos alone will transport you, but the recipes will make you sign up for her cooking school in France."

-Patty Lanoue Stearns, Detroit Free Press

Illustrated with famed photographer Robert Freson's captivating pictures.

SIMON & SCHUSTER, New York 1999 Paperback edition $23.00

SCRIBNER, a division of SIMON & SCHUSTER, New York, 1996, Hardcover edition $40

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Winner James Beard Foundation/Kitchenaid Book Award