We've always had Paris...and Provence


Patricia Wells, long recognized as the leading American authority on French food, and her husband, Walter, live the life in France that many of us have often fantasized about. After more than a quarter of a century, they are as close to being accepted as “French” as any non-natives can be. In this delightful memoir they share in two voices their experiences – the good, the bad, and the funny – offering a charming and evocative account of their beloved home and some of the wonderful people they have met along the way. Full of the flavor and the color the couple’s adopted country, this tandem memoir reflects on the life that France has made possible for them and explores how living abroad has shaped their relationship.

Written in lyrical, sensual prose and filled with anecdotes, insights, and endearing snapshots of Walter and Patricia over the years, We’ve Always Had Paris…and Provence beautifully conveys the nuances of the French and their culture as only a practiced observer can. Literally a moveable feast to be savored and shared, including more than thirty recipes that will delight readers and cooks alike, the couple’s valentine to France and to each other is delicious in every way.

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“Two wonderful people accidentally found their destinies in another world, experiencing the enthusiasms and frustrations of a never-ending stream of adventures. The result is a charming, moving, and deliciously entertaining insider’s view of the people, the places, the gardens, the food and the wine that will forever change the way you look at Paris and Provence.”

Jeffrey and Ina Garten