L'Atelier of Joël Robuchon


 "To describe Joel Robuchon as a cook is a bit like calling Pablo Picasso a painter, Luciano Pavarotti a singer, Frederic Chopin a pianist..." Patricia Wells

As in painting, sculpture, or music, the art of gastronomy is born in the artist's studio – the kitchen. Presented in this body of culinary artistry, this atelier is a glimpse of the inner workings of Chef Joël Robuchon's kitchen, his philosophy, his eight favorite products, his own internationally acclaimed recipes, and those of five of his protégés, trained in his atelier. Robuchon is recognized as being one of the greatest chefs in the world. In this book, he has welcomed us into his privileged and secret universe, so that we may gain a better understanding of his inspiration, share in his knowledge, discover his work methods, his way of choosing ingredients, and of expressing and marrying flavors. Thanks to Patricia Wells' passionate and mouth-watering text, and over 300 unforgettable photographs by Hervé Amiard, Robuchon's creative force bursts through the three sections of this unique work with the beauty and clarity of genius revealed.

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